Meet the 2 lovely gays

Meet Jordan & Russell, the two lovely men behind the well-known interior design website 2 Lovely Gays. As fate would have it, the postcode of their first home together ended with ‘2LG’ and to their friends they became affectionately known as the 2 lovely gays.  The name stuck and so their ethos began.

Jordan & Russell are known for their colourful and elegant design and their talent for being able to create beautiful spaces that reflect and express the personality of its owner, and in the process creating spaces that truly inspire.

They’ve kindly answered a few questions (see below) about their favourite go-to interiors shops and places for sourcing great furniture, fabrics, wallpaper, lighting and homeware, some of their favourite projects they’ve worked on, their interiors trend predictions for 2016 and how their interiors blog has evolved from a hobby into a full-time career.

The Town House project: a rundown Georgian hotel was brought back to its former glory with period elegance at its heart.

01_Town_HousePhotography by Megan Taylor08_Town_HousePhotography by Megan Taylor

The Cloudsley Road project: Islington Sophistication. A sophisticated scheme with a Scandinavian edge, combining fine handcrafted British silks with touches of leather, marble and glass. The colour scheme of mint green with a monochromatic base and touches of gold has a freshness with just the right amount of luxury.

2LG-Islington-web-24Photography by Megan Taylor2LG-Islington-web-03Photography by Megan Taylor

The Trilby Road project: A complete renovation of a Victorian end of terrace. From tired pebble dashed dwelling to spacious family home with modern functionality and a touch of humour.

01_Trilby_RdPhotography by Megan Taylor


Do you have a favourite room in your house? How would you define its style and character? 

Well we are renovating at the moment so the only room we have done is the downstairs loo! We are going to be blogging about the house’s progress. It’s a detached 4 bed Victorian home with bags of features and its going to be epic!

Through all your projects as well as your personal homes and spaces, what are the biggest obstacles and issues you have come across when decorating? Any mistakes we can learn from?

Old houses always throw up little surprises during the design process and this can be challenging to first time renovators. That’s why it’s always important to have a contingency. If in doubt hire a professional!

What would you say is your current favourite colour scheme or interior trend / style?

We strongly believe that a home should reflect its owners and be truly personal and unique, so if orange was “on trend” you definitely shouldn’t just follow the trend and paint all your rooms orange. We try to lead by trusting our instincts rather than following trends. But we have to admit the colours trends of serenity and rose quartz, pantone colours of 2016, are right up our street.

What would you say are colour combinations to avoid, or styles and colours that should not be seen together?

This is funny, a few years ago we where asked a similar question and we said lilac! Fast forward 2 years and we have just completed a beautiful scheme for a client in lilac. I don’t think there is such a thing as good or bad, it’s about taste and being appropriate, as a good designer we should be able to make most things work, so when a client comes to us and says “I love zebra”, it’s our job to somehow incorporate it into a room!​

What are your go-to shops and places when it comes to finding great value furniture, fabrics and decorative items?

Oooh we can’t tell you all our secrets! First of all it’s important to mix it up! If you shop in one place you will end up with a very boring look. We love to get out there and meet new designer makers. There is a wealth of great young new designers out there you just have to get out there and meet them. Custhom do amazing wallpapers, Sarah Colson has some incredible lighting. At the same time we love to get out to antiques fairs and vintage shops as well as good old ebay for chairs in need of re-upholstery. Further ashore we love Calico wallpaper, Roll and Hill lighting and designers like Sebastian Herkner.

Do you have a favourite project you’ve worked on?

We always fall in love with each project that we are working on. Its part of the process as an interior designer. Right now we’re working with Jewellery brand Stella & Dot on their Hammersmith offices and it’s great. It’s a different look for us but one that we are loving embracing. We have commissioned a wallpaper especially for them and it’s looking amazing. Residential-wise, we could have moved into the St. Johns Wood project on our website, it would have been a great city crash pad!

Could you tell us a bit about how you started blogging about interiors, and how things have grown and changed since? 

The style of our website is very poppy, bright and hopefully accessible and therefore the mix of blog and our interiors projects seems really natural. It’s definitely a full time job, 24/7.

What do you think will be the biggest interiors trends for 2016 and beyond?

People are really conscious today of what they eat and what they wear. People want to know where their food comes from, whether it’s organic, ethically sourced. Hopefully the biggest trend this year will be that people start to ask the same questions about their homes. We are finding that our clients are becoming more and more interested in the heritage of each piece or item, who designed it, where it was made, where the materials were sourced from. Re-defining the word craft and craftsmanship as its true roots, something being made with skill and time, as apposed to its crafty or up-cycled counterpart.

Do you think the copper trend is here to stay?

Copper, we have been onto brass for the last 12 months, and we think the next one naturally will be a return to chrome, the shiny 90’s favourite. But for us it’s all about mixed metals, people are less stringent when it comes to everything being matchy-matchy!

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