24 hours in Chicago

On our way to the CMAFest in Nashville, our connecting flight from Chicago got cancelled, and we found ourselves in the Windy City with nowhere to stay, nothing to do, and 24 hours to kill…

With low expectations, and no luggage, we caught the metro into the city centre…

Chicago is the backdrop to many of my favourite films and so the streets and skyline felt somewhat familiar (and also reminded me a little of New York).

But I was amazed to see just how blue the water was, despite being in a huge city! 

People were swimming, kayaking, boating, or just sitting on the waters edge.

It looked like the river was definitely the best way to see the city (and its famous architecture), so we signed up for a boat tour.

(no guns on the boat, should you happen to have a gun on you. Err what).

It was so interesting learning a bit about the architecture of the city, and cruising through the skyline!

The boat even took us out onto the big lake…

… Needless to say things got a little windy!


A trip to Chicago wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the shiny bean…

Can you spot us?

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