3 stunning bathroom tile ideas

Is your bathroom in need of a little TLC? Bathrooms don’t have to be expensive to look beautiful. Forget about splashing out on a new sink or bath (unless you need to, of course), updating the floors and walls with some simple geometric tiles can make all the difference.


Although tiles can be seen as a boring bathroom necessity, they are often overlooked when it comes to adding personality and style to the room. In fact, tiles are a wonderfully inexpensive way to enhance and even transform a bathroom. But we’re not talking about any old tiles; there are many wonderful symmetrical shapes such as a fish-scale or a hexagon, which create eye-catching and mesmerising patterns when put together.


Decorating with geometric tiles can turn even the most outdated bathroom into a stunning sanctuary. Eye-catching tile formations like hexagons in a honeycomb pattern will draw the eye around the room and help to create the illusion of space in a small bathroom, as well as add a sense of depth, accentuate proportions in larger bathrooms, and even add a touch of modern glamour.


Whether you update just a small area such as the splash back or the floor, or decide to tackle the entire space with tiles, these three geometric patterns are guaranteed to lift and refresh the bathroom, and add a sense of fun and personality.

1. Herringbone

Why should herringbone patterns be limited to just wooden floors? With rectangular shaped tiles in a zig-zag formation you can create a chic and contemporary herringbone effect in the bathroom too.


2. Honeycomb

Whether on the floor, along the walls, or even as bathroom mirrors, hexagon tiles in a honeycomb formation can really transform a bathroom and give it an elegant update.


3. Fish-scale

This year has seen a growing trend in a fish scale pattern, which is a fun and playful way of decorating with tiles. Pastel coloured fish scale tiles can give walls a modern makeover and will instantly brighten a dull room.


fish-scale fish-scale2