I’ve been nominated! Please vote for my blog in the AMARA Interior Blog Awards

Woohoo! My blog has been nominated for an AMARA Interior Blog Award for Best Interior Lifestyle Blog! Voting is open from Monday 7th August until 15th September, and in order to be shortlisted I’ll need to gain the top 5 amount of votes within my category. I’m proud to be in this category with some very worthy contenders, although of course it’s also a little intimidating as I’m up against some amazing bloggers! If you enjoy visiting my blog it would mean a lot if you could take 2 seconds out of your busy day to vote for me – all you need is to submit your name and e-mail address, that’s it! Vote here.

Why vote for me?

I started my blog as an outlet for my passion for interior design, homemaking and entertaining, and it has since grown into a lifestyle blog covering interiors, DIY, travel, recipes and London life. My blog is my hobby and my passion, and it would mean the world to me to win this award for Best Interior Lifestyle Blog!

Interior design has always been my biggest interest. While other children my age were reading Beano or Mizz, I would spend my free days and evenings pouring over Wallpaper* and Elle Decoration magazines, dreaming of my future home. When I wasn’t in my mother’s studio (she is also an interior designer) or flicking through magazines, I would play the Sims just so I could design a home, burn it down and then start again. Fast forward fifteen years and I’m proud to have indulged my passion to some extent as a freelance interiors writer, through decorating my own place for the first time last year (which to my surprise and delight has featured in three interiors magazines so far) and of course through my blog.

One day I hope to follow my dream of becoming an interior designer, but until then I’ll keep updating my blog with the interior styles and ideas that inspire me most.

Here are a few of my most popular interiors posts:


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