Australia part 3 – Two Weeks on a cattle farm in the Australian Outback

After a couple of weeks exploring Melbourne, Sydney, the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, we went inland past Toowoomba to stay at a family-run cattle farm.

As we drove further and further from civilisation, the views become more and more spectacular…

We dumped our bags and joined our hosts for beers out on the terrace. All around us it was just rolling hills, with not another house in sight, the silence interrupted only by birdsong.

For two whole weeks we woke up to this…

… spending our days on the farm…

… Jonathan getting stuck in…

… and getting to know his lovely extended family who showed us around their family farm.

Then in the evenings we drank beers (or “musk” juice for me) by bonfires, with their car parked nearby so we could listen to country music tapes. It doesn’t get much more ‘country’ than that!

Even driving into town to pick up supplies felt like entering a set location.

It was a completely different world!

Our hosts took us to see a rodeo nearby, which also felt a bit like being on a movie set.

All around us people in cowboy hats cheered on real-life cowboys riding their bulls, while real-life cowgirls raced horses around barrels, while country music played on the speakers.


I had no idea there was such a huge country movement in Australia, it felt like we were back in Nashville again!

We spent days exploring the vast surrounding countryside and surrounding farms…

… and on the days where it rained, the farm would come and visit us! 😉

Towards the end of our stay, just after the rain, wild kangaroos bounced through the wet grasses as the setting sun bathed everything in a dramatic pink and orange light. This was the moment my other half decided to go down on one knee…

(figuratively speaking. It had rained and he didn’t want to get his knee wet, hahaha).


Best. Sunset. Ever.

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