Pawsome advent calendars, Christmas crackers and gifts for pets

With pet-friendly advent calendars, minced pies, Christmas dinners, Christmas themed toys and even pet-friendly Christmas crackers, there’s no excuse to leave out your pet this Christmas. Share the love and spoil your pet with these 29 pet-friendly festive treats.

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1. Christmas Cracker for dogs

This Christmas cracker is filled with turkey-flavoured whole wheat bones, a bouncy tennis ball, novelty hat and even a Christmas joke! £6, available here.

2. Mince pies for dogs

These mince pies are the perfect way to treat your dog this Christmas. These tasty tarts come with a yummy caramel flavoured centre! £6, available here.

3. Dog beer and liver snacks

Beer for dogs?! Yep. This cardboard kennel box contains a dog-friendly beer that can be served as a drink or over food and a bag of tasty liver sizzler snacks that can be used sparingly as a treat or for training. £10, available here.

4. Catnip bauble toy for cats

This bauble is filled with catnip and features a hard outer shell which they will love battling around. £3, available here.

5. Christmas dinner dog toy

This Whole Christmas Dinner Dog Toy has everything they need to recreate a Christmas lunch: a large plush turkey, plush mash potatoes, a vinyl squeaking carrot and rope vegetables. £10, available here.

6. Dog’s Christmas dinner

The perfect Christmas dinner for your dog, this 100% natural, gently steamed and grain-free dinner is packed with succulent turkey, cranberry and parsnip and is sure to get a tail wag of approval from your four-legged friend this festive season. 7 trays for £9.49, available here.

7. Dog Perignon

Although your dog may not be able to join in on the real champagne, this Dog Perignon toy is a fun way of making them feel included. £8, available here.

8. Christmas advent calendar for dogs

The perfect pre-Christmas gift for animal lovers, this advent calendar is packed to the brim with treats. From bedtime biscuits and beef treats, this selection will give them their very own taste of Christmas dinner. £10, available from Pets at Home.

9. Christmas advent calendar for cats

The perfect pre-Christmas gift for animal lovers, this calendar is packed to the brim with turkey and cranberry, chicken and shrimp treats. £10, available from Pets at Home.

10. Gingerbread house dog treat

Unlike real gingerbread houses, this gingerchew house is great for teeth and rich in protein and calcium. £20, available here.

11. Christmas cracker for dogs

Trimmed in red ribbon and with an adorable pet toy inside, pull the cracker to reveal the pet noise when it’s opened up. £12, available here.

12. Christmas cracker for cats

Trimmed in red ribbon and with an adorable pet toy inside, pull the cracker to reveal the pet noise when it’s opened up. £12, available here.

13. Christmas Turkey Dog Toy

Let your dog have his very own (squeaky) Christmas turkey! £8, available here.

14. Cat advent calendar

This yoghurt and catnip flavoured treat is a healthy and safe alternative to chocolate. With a treat behind every door, your pet will love their daily surprise! £5. Available here.

15. Advent calendar for dogs

Treat your pup each morning with this healthy alternative to chocolate. £5, available here.

16. Dog-friendly mince pie treats

These delicious, dog-friendly Christmas treats are perfect for including your dog in the festivities.

£4.50, available here.

17. Squeaky Pudding & Santa Set

These two squeaky dog toys are the perfect gift for your best animal friend this Christmas! £10, available here.

18. Gourmet Goose Tenders

These Gourmet Goose Tenders are a truly indulgent real meat treat for dogs. £2.49, available here.

19. Dog Friendly Yule Log Treats

These Yule Log treats are dog-friendly and ideal for including your pet in Christmas festivities.

£4.50, available here.

20. Dog Toy Trophy

A great gift for your number one pet! £8, available here.

21. Christmas treats

These limited edition hand-baked Christmas treats contains a wholesome mix of turkey, cranberry and parsnip. £2.99, Available here.

22. Christmas Pudding Pet Toy

This suer cute Christmas pudding dog toy will keep your dog playing and chewing right through the festive season.Tough outer material with an inbuilt squeaker that the dog will go mad for. £3, available here.



23. Advent calendar for dogs

Behind each door lies a delicious dog-friendly chocolate – a lovely way to include your dog in the festive countdown. £4, available here.

24. Cat advent calendar

Treat your feline friend to this cat advent calendar, with delicious (apparently) cat-friendly chocolate behind each door. £4, available here.

25. Dogs’ rawhide festive sprouts

Made from rawhide, these chewy snacks come in the shape of brussel sprouts and are bound to go down well.  £5, available here.

26. Yappy Chino dog toy

Give your pet their own Christmassy pumpkin-spiced latte equivalent in the form of this Starbucks-inspired  dog toy with rope straw. £8, available here.


27. Christmas Cracker Treats for Dogs

This dog treat filled Christmas crackers is chock full of freshly prepared turkey, cranberries and thyme, and a sprinkling of cinnamon — not only will they love the taste, but the cinnamon is also a wonderfully warming anti-inflammatory that helps boost their energy, circulation and brain health. £10, available here.

28. Christmas Cracker Treats for Cats

These are wonderfully festive turkey, chicken liver and cranberry nibbles that even the pickiest of feline eaters will adore. £10, available here.






29. Cat sushi set cat toy

Okay, so this one has nothing to do with Christmas but come on. Catnip filled plush toys for cats. What more could a cat ask for? £8, available here.