The perfect weekend away

Stuck at work, run out of annual leave or haven’t booked a holiday abroad, but desperate to get away? I’ve found the perfect spot for a weekend getaway. And I mean perfect. Some place truly amazing. You can thank me later.

Just 40 minutes from London you’ll find a hotel perched on a hill with breathtaking views over the beach and sea, as well as the rolling hills and stunning countryside. Not only that, this place also has comforting good English country style food, is just a hop and a skip from a dog friendly beach which is perfect for long walks as well as surfing, and the cherry on top; an extensive spa offering ranging from an indoor and outdoor pool and hot tub, to a sauna with views, sensual massages and a brand new ‘spa garden’ – an outdoor spa inspired by nature’s elements. Sound too good to be true?

Well, okay, so the 40 minute journey is on a plane, not by car, but it’s the shortest flight you’ll ever take. As the flight doesn’t even leave the country (there’s your first clue), there’s no queues, no passport checks and the whole thing is refreshingly quick and easy! If you leave the office on time on a Friday, you could be sipping your cocktail just a couple hours later, with this view.


Even on a grey and cloudy day (R.I.P British summer 2016) it’s still pretty amazing – the sea breeze and the smell of the sea air, and nothing but countryside stretching as far as they eye can see.


Guessed it yet?

If there’s one place I can try and get you to visit, it’s Cornwall. And if there’s one place you should stay, it’s the Bedruthan hotel. For the simple reason that it ticks all the boxes. It’s super family friendly (although I barely noticed any children at all on my girls’ weekend away) with practical rooms and extra beds, a separate family-friendly dining area with high chairs etc, and plenty to keep children busy (and away from people like me, who come to find peace and quiet). It’s also dog friendly, and walking distance from a beautiful dog friendly beach. I would even say it’s budget friendly, as the hotel is amazing value for money, and even for those who aren’t able to stay, they can treat themselves to an afternoon at the beautiful spa garden instead.

After the shortest flight ever (I was clearly a little over ambitious with my magazines), we landed in Cornwall’s Newquay airport – the smallest and by far the most efficient airport I’ve ever stepped foot in. We only had hand luggage, so we just stepped off the plane with our bags, and straight into a taxi! That in itself felt nearly too good to be true.



We had a very relaxing evening of cocktails, dinner and wine, and an early night to prepare for an action-packed (well, relatively to my sedentary life) Saturday.

The day started with breakfast with this view – a view we never tired from.


The breakfast buffet had everything from the most amazing buttery croissants, yoghurt, cereals, fresh fruit and compotes to full English (and vegetarian) cooked breakfast. Naturally, we had both.


Next on the agenda – surfing!! I’d not been surfing in a very very long time (not since the good old ‘gap yah’ days of surfing in Jeffreys Bay) and let’s just say I was a little rusty!


The thought of going in the freezing cold water was pretty daunting, but the surf club had plenty of wetsuits (along with handsome surf instructors) to make surfing very enjoyable – even if you don’t catch a wave! The instructor was very patient and helpful, and managed to get all of us standing up on our boards by the end of the lesson! Lessons start from just £30 – so definitely worth a try if you find yourself at the Bedruthan, or even in the area of Mawgan Porth near Newquay.


Weirdly the wetsuit kept me completely dry – at times I even felt a bit warm! But the adrenaline of being out in the sea and catching even the smallest of waves was very exhilarating.

Having worked up an appetite, we headed to the Bedruthan’s sister hotel, The Scarlet, where we indulged in an afternoon tea complete with scones an proper Cornish clotted cream!


The rest of the afternoon we lounged by the pool and hot tub, read magazines, and pampered ourselves. I even indulged in a massage treatment – the massage therapist using calming ila oils, zen music and a gentle massage to manipulate me into a comatose state, miles from any worries or stresses. I was so relaxed I even fell asleep (and then woke myself up with that embarrassing snore-snort) which I really hope she took as a compliment? Another gorgeous meal (I recommend the steak) and a glass of wine (I recommend the Pinot Noir) later, and I was out like a light – again.

On our final day, we experienced the Sensory Spa Garden, an hour-long, seven-stage experience in a gorgeous outdoor setting.


The experience starts with a dry salt scrub in a gently heated stone room, to help exfoliate and prepare the skin. After washing it off with some warm water, you sit inside the cedar wood sauna – with sea views!


Once all your pores are open (and you can’t stand it anymore), you get plunged with a bucket of freezing cold water to wake you up, leaving your skin tingling and tightening all the pores. Finally, time to relax in one of the deep wood hot tubs.


Another scrub – a lovely smelling wet scrub of oils, seaweed and salt in the shower room is meant to cleanse, nourish and soften skin. The experience ends with a cup of herbal tea and a blanket by a smokey wood fire, whilst you soak your feet in a warm copper foot bath.



Heaven! Reluctantly we checked out and headed home – the silver lining being that it was just a short taxi drive followed by a 40 minute flight, and another short taxi ride home. Maybe it could be commutable?


Fly from London Gatwick to Cornwall Airport Newquay in 45 minutes from £30.99 with FlyBe ( Regional departures from 11 other UK cities available including Birmingham, Edinburgh and Manchester.