Smitten with spots

The design world seems to be going dotty for animal spots – and this time it’s not the usual suspects.

From loos to hallways, and from wallpaper to cushions, I’m seeing spots everywhere! In particular, Dalmatian spots.

A refreshing break from perfectly round polka dots, these imperfect and asymmetrical spots create a more approachable, friendly and playful atmosphere.

Tiptoe into Dalmatian territory with a couple of accent cushions for the bed or sofa, or even framed wall art – or dive straight in with wallpaper or even fabric to upholster chairs, headboards, and ottomans.

Not convinced? These pictures may change your mind on animal print…

dalmatian1 dalmatian2 dalmatian3dalmatian14 dalmatian4   dalmatian7 dalmatian8 dalmatian15 dalmatian16

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