New Years Eve Dinner Party Tableware and Decorations

What I love about celebrating New Year’s Eve is that it marks a fresh and brand new start. A new calendar or diary, with empty pages to fill with new plans, a new notebook for new to-do lists and ideas, a new list of resolutions, goals and ambitions, and the sense that you can almost create a ‘new me’ as it were. For this coming year, my list of resolutions keeps growing, but it currently includes:

  • Spend more time with old friends, and make the effort to catch up with the people I love most.
  • Get out more, join some sort of new community or society or take up a new hobby, and start meeting new people.
  • Worry less about the people in my life that leave me feeling empty, inferior or lonely.
  • Worry less about what people think, in general.
  • Fight my FOMO and worry less about wanting to do everything all the time (I get an irrational sense of sadness and disappointment if I’m not invited along to absolutely everything, which is totally ridiculous).
  • Find a permanent position by the end of the year (I’ve been freelancing as a journalist for two years now!)
  • Do at least one big and meaningful charitable thing, whether it’s adopting another dog, adopting a child refugee (okay, this one’s unlikely), or volunteering abroad for a month.
  • Maintain and grow this blog <3

This is also the first year that my resolutions don’t include some prodding ‘lose lots of weight’ or ‘work out more’ goal, and I’m proud to be starting 2017 with a welcome sense of body confidence (despite being the same weight I’ve been for the past ten years – a size which I never used to be comfortable with in my post-anorexia years). And, aside from the relief of starting a brand spanking squeaky clean new year, I’m also looking forward to this coming New Year’s Eve, as (like many of us) I’ll be glad to see the back of 2016! So, BRING IT ON! I hope you all enjoy welcoming in the new year, hopefully with a glass (or bottle) of bubbly! For anyone hosting or attending a New Year’s Eve dinner party (or any dinner party at any time for that matter), here are some great tableware, table setting and table decoration ideas to get that festive atmosphere going! From gold tableware and bar accessories to silver star themed tablescapes or pops of multi-coloured confetti, there’s something to suit every home.

Now is also a great time to buy any left over Christmas crackers, as the most luxurious ones are less than a quarter of the price (but hurry as they’re selling out fast!), they’re fun to pop at the table, and the more stylish and luxurious ones can look super snazzy as part of the tablescape. Or just stock up anyway, and save them for next year! xoxo

1. New York, New York gold skyline side plate, £6.99 £4.19

2. Gold star burst side plate, £10

3. Gold star burst dinner plate, £12

4. Gold star side plate, £4.99 £3.49

5. 24-piece gold designer cutlery set, £185

6. Linen napkin with gold rim, £4.99

7. 24-piece Art Deco cutlery set, £140

8. 16-piece matt gold cutlery set, £119

9. Set of two marble placemats with gold edging, £45

10. Set of two gold serving spoons, £30

1. Gold rim crystal champagne flute, £14

2. Gold rim champagne saucer, £48 £27

3. Gold rim crystal wine glass, £14

4. Gold rim crystal champagne saucer, £14

5. Gold stars tumbler, £21 £10

6. Gold rim crystal tumbler, £12

7. Matt gold cocktail shaker, £25 £12

8. Gold cocktail shaker, £25 £12

9. New York, New York skyline 4-pack coasters, £1.99

10. Set of four gold coasters with ‘Hope & Love’ print, £2.09

11. Designer gold cocktail tray, £48

12. Set of four marble coasters with gold edge, £25

13. Gold bar tool set, £30 £15

14. Gold ice bucket and tong£45 £22

1. White & gold star table confetti, £1.29

2. Gold tangled candle stick, £11.99 £5.95

3. Gold geometric candle holder, £9.99

4. Tall gold candle, £4

5. Gold candle, £2.50

6. Gold number ‘2’ balloon, £1

7. Gold number ‘0’ balloon, £1

8. Gold number ‘1’ balloon, £1

9. Gold number ‘7’ balloon, £1

1. Set of six luxury gold crackers, £20 £10

2. Set of six miniature luxury gold damask crackers, £5 £2

3. Set of 12 luxury mistletoe patterned crackers, £20 £10

4. Pack of ten luxury crackers, £25 £7

5. Pack of ten luxury gold crackers, £25 £7

6. Set of 8 miniature decorative crackers, £7

1. Black & gold dinner plate, £12

2. Black & gold peacock mug, £10

3. Black & gold two tiered cake stand, £35

4. Black & gold porcelain plate, £4.99

5. Box of six black & gold damask crackers, £20 £10

6. Set of 2 matching black & gold peacock espresso cups with saucer, £20

7. Black & gold short polka dot candle holder, £2.99

8. Black & gold starry patterned candle holder, £2.99

9. Black & gold tall polka dot candle holder, £16.99

1. Silver star tumbler, £4.99 £2.99

2. Silver star table decoration, £1.99 £1.39

3. White and silver paper napkins with ‘Hope & Love’ print, £1.99 £1.39

4. Set of 6 silver miniature crackers, £5 £2

5. Silver star mug, £4.99 £3.49

6. Set of 12 snowflake crackers, now sold out

7. Set of four silver star coasters, £1.99 £1.39

8. LED cord of light up stars decoration, £4

9. Silver star print cotton napkin, £6.99 £4.89

1. Silver star table confetti, £1.29

2. Holographic silver cone party poppers (10 pack), £2.99

3. Silver confetti cannon, £3

4. Multi pack of silver noisemaker blowouts, £19.99

5. Decorative wooden light up star (battery operated), £12

6. LED Light up star decoration, £7.50

1. Neon confetti, £3 £1.50

2. ‘Hooray’ multi-coloured confetti crackers, £12.99

3. Peach, pink and gold tassel garland, £10.99

4. New Year confetti push pop, £4

5. Gold confetti balloons, £5.10

6. Horse shoe table confetti (for luck), £5.50

7. Pack of 20 clear balloons with streamers, filled with multi-coloured confetti, £8

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