DIY Autumn tree and pinecone baubles

In the spring you have Easter trees, and in the winter you have Christmas trees, but what about the autumn? It’s arguably one of the prettiest times of year, and I love making some sort of autumnal centerpiece. This year I decided to make some pinecone baubles (you can also string these along some string and hang the pinecone garland from the mantelpiece) and create a little ‘autumn tree’ for the dining table. All you need is some foraged woodland treasures like pinecones and acorns, a hot glue gun and some wire!

First I cut some pieces of wire and twisted them into little loops.

Then I just glued the twisty bits onto the top of each pinecone with a hot glue gun to turn them into baubles.

I arranged some tall branches in a vase and hung the pinecone baubles from the branches. With the hot glue gun I then stuck some acorns and pinecones onto the branches as well! A super quick, easy and effective autumn centerpiece.

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