DIY Autumn wreath

Autumn is my absolute favourite season. I love the changing colours, the crisp air (crisp enough to make you feel super fresh and awake, but not quite cold enough for a jacket), hot drinks, snuggly jumpers, going for long autumn country walks and then getting cosy by an open fire. It’s also a great time to refresh your home, adding a few lamps or fairy lights for darker evenings, replacing summery prints and greenery with autumn decorations and adding a few cosy rugs and throws here and there. So, with a fairly free Sunday ahead of me (the best kind of Sunday), I headed into Richmond Park with Flora on the hunt for woodland treasures, to spend the rest of the day baking, drinking tea, crafting, and binge-watching Netflix.

She led the way into the woods…


And we found so many miniature pinecones, acorns and chestnuts!


I filled up three plastic bags, and emptied them onto the table at home.

The first thing I wanted to make was an autumn wreath for the front door. To avoid it looking too Christmassy, I picked some red and orange berries from an unsuspecting neighbour’s hedge (they’ll never know). I also contemplated adding lots of red and orange autumn leaves – but decided against it in the end in case the leaves dried out and looked a bit crap. But looking back, maybe my wreath needs it as it’s still looking a bit too Christmassy!

Too make the frame for the wreath, I used some pine branches and wire, that’s it! Just attach one branch to another by wrapping the wire firmly around the ends, and fold the ends towards each other into a circle, and use more wire to hold it together.

Easy peasy! Then I cut off strips of wire (about the length of a finger) to attach more pine branches, berry branches, and any other twig-like bits onto the wreath.

Then I got out my hot glue gun and stuck on some loose pinecones to any bare and boring bits, and to cover up any obvious wire.

Then I wrapped one long piece of wire around the top to secure it, and left the long but dangling loose to adjus to wherever I wanted to hang it. I thought of hanging it on the wall, near the fireplace, or on the door of the main living room, but in the end I thought the best place for mine was probably on the front door.


It was surprisingly easy and quick to do! But maybe it needs a few autumn leaves and colours glued onto it? What do you think? Then I’ll definitely be doing a Christmassy one in December.

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