DIY Birdcage chandelier

This year has seen a big trend for birdcage-inspired lampshades and pendant lights. Everywhere I look I seem to come across them! They’re so fun and playful, and add a quirky touch to even the most elegant or minimal room. I first noticed them on the Graham & Green website, but have seen them popping up everywhere since then! The best (and most affordable) versions can be found through Etsy.


I’ve even spotted lampshades with a bird and birdcage pattern on them!

A friend of mine came up with a rather genius idea and bought a metal rubbish bin, spray painted it white, and then hung it upside down to create a pendant lamp shade. Inside the upside down bin she then hung a plant pot with ivy growing from it, and it’s started to grow around the bin! Such a simple and easy idea. I’m sure you could do the same and spray paint it any colour you like, then hang artificial birds from it or even attach some twigs with wires, and attach the artificial birds to the twigs to make it look like a birdcage.

Rockett st George also do some great artificial birds – from colourful budgies to cockatoos – perfect to accessorise a birdcage chandelier!birdcage1

One of the best DIY birdcage pendant lights has got to be the one that my mum has made for our kitchen back home. She was inspired by this photo she found in a magazine:


She’s pretty crafty so she welded together some metal bars and created a structure similar to the above picture, then attached chicken wire between the metal bars (this took a day and some very strong protective gloves). Then she weaved some artificial ivy through the structure, and added a few of the artificial birds that I bought her as a present!

b10 b12

We had an old wooden toucan that we bought when we lived on Curacao, and it’s travelled with us to the new family home in Amsterdam and is now hanging happily in the birdcage!

b13 b14 b15 b16 b17 b18

We had a few spare birds so clipped them on to another chandelier (an old antique one which mum spray painted and attached lampshades to), and weaved some fairy lights through it as well. It looks so festive!

b1 b2 b3 b4

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