DIY bobble vase

If you’ve spotted my gold legs DIY project recently, you’ll already know that I’m a big Kelly Wearstler fan. Yet, as much as I would love to decorate every room with her wallpapers, sculptures and accents, I can’t. Mostly because they’re all ludicrously expensive, but also because I’m pretty broke anyway most of the time! One of the vases I’ve been eyeing up is the ‘Blanc Pop Vase‘ below, which would set you back a cool $1,895 (£1,466). Ouch!

Wanna bet you could make something similar (admittedly not as nice, but you know – with that special ‘homemade’ touch n all) for a fiver? That’s 0.3% of the cost of the real deal, or rather 99.7% cheaper! And it will have more sentimental value as you can feel proud for having made it yourself.

All you need for this is:

  • Modelling clay
  • Gloss paint (I used exterior weatherproof paint)
  • Super glue / hot glue gun

As before, roll out your modelling clay.

Cut a long thick strip / rectangle, which will fold into a cylinder shape, then press both ends together to create a tube.

Place the tube upright onto another piece of rolled out modelling clay, and trace around the outside of the tube with a knife, to cut out a circle.

Use your fingers to mesh the bottom of the tube with the edge of the circle to stick it together, and cut around the edge to tidy it up.

Using the leftover clay, roll them into equal sized balls.

Leave the vase and the balls to dry, preferably overnight.

Once both the vase and the balls are dry, use strong hold glue (a hot glue gun is ideal if you have one) to stick the balls onto the vase:

Once they’re all stuck on, you can get painting! Or if you prefer, you could paint the vase and balls separately, and glue them on once they’ve dried.

To paint the inside of the vase, I poured a little paint inside and swirled it around, pouring the excess drips down the sink.

Leave it to dry, then use as a decoration, to hold toothbrushes, pens or faux flowers, use it to decorate your desk, coffee table or shelves, or give it away as a thoughtful handmade gift!

Perhaps you’d like to try the bunny vase too?

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