DIY Kelly Wearstler legs

I’ve been eyeing up Kelly Wearstler’s sexy gold legs for a while now, but the £1,500 price tag is a bit of a set back. So I thought sod it, it can’t be that hard to make myself, right?

With a lump of modelling clay (don’t be fooled, it’s more of a Papier-mâché and not as easy to work with as clay or playdough) and a gold marker pen, I’ve managed to rustle up something vaguely similar in less than an hour (okay, plus a day’s drying time). They were the perfect crown for my brand new coffee table challenge!

This is roughly what I was aiming for:

Ready to give it a go? You’ll need some modelling clay, a gold pen, paint brush and nail scissors or a toothpick or anything sharp to separate the toes.

My modelling clay is pretty retro, but it did the trick! If you manage to find one without the papier-mâché  consistency, I think a clay or playdough based one would probably be easier to work with, as this one was quite lumpy and a little tough.

You don’t want the legs to look out of proportion with each other, so you’ll need to start with two equal sized sausages!

One end will need to stay nice and fat for a realistic looking thigh, make it a little thinner in the middle for the knee, and roll it thinner towards the other end for the foot and ankle. Once you’ve got your base, you can bend it to the right shape and work on the detailing a bit more like the calves, ankle, shape of the foot and of course the toes!

I cut my toes using little nail scissors, but i think anything thin and sharp would do the job.

The tricky part was making sure the bent leg was able to stand on its own without toppling over, so I bent the knee far back enough that it balanced itself out, and banged the thigh onto the table to make sure the underside was flat.

For the second leg, I loved it so much as a straight leg that I didn’t end up bending it, and thought it looked rather fun pointing its toes to the sky!

Let it dry overnight. Of course you could leave them just the way they are, or even paint them white, peachy, brown or black, but I rather fancied the gold ones for my coffee table!

I tried to spray the legs gold using a gold laquer spray paint but it looked TERRIBLE so I used a thick gold marker pen instead which worked like a dream. I just shook the pen up a bit and dabbed lots of dots, then spread out the gold ink using a paintbrush.


The icing on the coffee table cake!

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