DIY Sharpie mugs

Stuck on ideas for a fun gift for Valentine’s Day, or a birthday? Personalising porcelain is super fun and easy – doodle a drawing, make monograms or write a personal message onto mugs or even plates for a quirky gift idea, to say thank you or sorry, or to share some exciting news.

All you need is some plain porcelain and some Sharpie pens. Once you’ve finished decorating, leave it to dry for a few hours or preferably over night, then place the porcelain in the oven and bake at 180C for a couple of hours. To test if it’s ready, try to rub the marker off with some water (once the porcelain has cooled down!), and if it doesn’t feel resilient enough then return the porcelain to the oven to bake for a bit longer.

Here are a few easy ideas you could try!


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