How to decorate your table with wild snowberry

I stumbled upon some rather pretty snowberry bushes in Wimbledon Common and thought they would make a fun, elegant and rather unusual centerpiece for the dining table, not to mention a pretty garland for the mantelpiece and possibly even a wintery snowberry wreath to replace the autumn one! With guests coming over for dinner, and a new dinnerware set from Sainsbury’s, it was perfect timing for a little bit of decorating.

First I soaked the stems in an ice cold bath to get rid of any dirt and bugs.


I put the tallest branches in a large vase for an eye-catching centerpiece, which I later moved to a hallway table, and reserved the smaller branches for the garland and table decorations!

snowberry snowberry snowberry

The Palatial dinnerware set is the perfect blank canvas for any table setting theme, and looks so elegant set off against fresh greenery! I’ve tried the same set with fresh herbs, eucalyptus sprigs, and holly too, and it always looks elegant and fresh.

snowberry snowberrysnowberry

Then I just scattered a few sprigs of snowberry along the mantelpiece and interspersed some tealights along it, and it created such a lovely atmosphere! Cheap as chips, quick and easy to do, and very effective.

snowberrysnowberry mantelpiece snowberrysnowberry mantelpiece

Of course, when it comes to Christmas time, I imagine the dinnerware set would look lovely and classic with holly berries and pine.


Matched with some holly on the mantelpiece of course!


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