Easter chick wreath DIY

Spring is my favourite time of year, and so I take spring-time decorating very seriously. Whether it’s making bunny cakes or Easter trees, or fawning over bunny inspired homeware, to me Easter time represents the start of spring; the wiping away of winter, a time to spring clean, decorate with daffodils, and put on some pretty pastels. You can completely transform your home and inject instant happiness with cheerful tulips, sunny yellow daffodils, a bright and colourful Easter tree, and an adorable Easter wreath. I use mine on the dining room table, as the crown or halo around a vase of flowers, jug of lemonade, or basket of Easter eggs, but of course you can also hang it from your front door – although it’s not exactly weather-proof!

To make this simple wreath, all you need is:

  • A piece of cardboard
  • Scissors
  • PVA glue
  • Yellow stringy straw or shredded tissue paper
  • Easter chicks


1. Take a large piece of carboard, such as the side of an old box, and cut a big circle. Poke a hole through the middle, and cut out a smaller circle from the middle to create a wreath shape.

2. Cover one side entirely in glue, then stick the yellow straw (I got mine from Tiger) to it until it has completely covered the cardboard. You’ll want to press the straw firmly down so as to flatten it a bit! You can also try squeezing the cardboard ring slightly, hugging with your hands, to make sure the straw is firmly stuck. You could wait for the glue to dry, but if you’re short on time it’s not impossible to carry on with a wet and gloopy wreath.

3. The great thing about having the yellow straw as a base is that you can easily loop, thread and twist anything into it! You could even poke feathers into the straw if you would rather create a feather wreath. Easter chicks are ideal as their feet get caught in the straw – so even though you’re sticking them down with glue, the chicks are already pretty secure. I used a selection of yellow and multi-coloured ones.

Drop a dollop of glue onto the wreath, then stick on an Easter chick, making sure to poke its feet into the straw, and letting the body of the chick stick to the wreath itself. Repeat the process until you run out of chicks!



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