Our 24 hour loft guest bedroom makeover: Before & After!

For as long as we have lived in our home, the loft has been a storage dumping ground for everything from drum kits, skis, suitcases and paintings to fancy dress, party decorations and Christmas and Easter decorations. It was a mess, an eyesore and a nightmare to navigate. But with our impending move and a few people interested in renting our property through airbnb (in just over 24 hours time!!), it was about time we finally tackled the loft and transformed it from cluttered chaos to gorgeous guest bedroom (take the full home tour to see the rest of my home!)

Here’s what it looked like before:

Quite the mess! Although we do have plenty of eaves storage (you can see on either side in the first picture), they were just deep dark holes with no doors, and it’s hard to see anything in the dark – hence the chaos in the middle of the room.

To give the room a completely new look, I opted for a grown-up grey and white colour scheme, and painted the walls a warm cream and the bed a crisp white. This was my shopping list:

Above: 1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5.6. / 7. / 8. / 9. / 10. / 11. / 12. / 13.

Once the fun stuff was ordered and on it’s way, it was time to tackle the harder stuff! The first step was the hardest – to tackle the chaos and organise absolutely every single item into labelled storage boxes (you can find great value ones at George). In order to do this I actually emptied the whole room and sorted through everything downstairs, and only let myself take labelled storage boxes back up, lined up neatly in the eaves. Meanwhile Jonathan built doors with locks so we could safely keep everything stored away, and fitted lights in them to make it easier to see everything.

With an empty loft, I got to work. I scratched off all the bloated plaster bubbles from the walls – very satisfying, like pulling sharp feather ends out of a cushion, or peeling loose bark off a tree.

Then I filled the holes with Pollyfilla, let it dry and sanded it smooth with sandpaper – this was not so fun and left me with three blisters on my hands. Then all that was left to do was paint!

I started with the bed as it would require a few layers, and sanded it down – always sand along the grain, never across!

With a plastic sheet down under the bed to catch dribble I got out my pot of Rust Oleum chalky white furniture paint and got to work.

As expected, it took a couple of layers to get a smooth white finish, as otherwise you’re able to see the brush strokes, but the paint dries quickly so once you’ve gone round once you can go round a second time straight away.

Then it was time for the walls – I know that probably seems like a backward way of doing it but the room is so small that I knew I would be bumping into the walls when moving around the bed to paint it, and the paint on the walls would stay wet longer. With a larger room I would have started with the walls and ceiling first!

For the walls and sloped ceilings I went for my favourite warm neutral; Farrow and Ball’s Dimity.

I used to think the room was white, but against the warm cream the old colour looked dark and grey!

Painting the sloped ceilings was a little hard as the paint kept splattering off the roller brush and into my eyes and hair, as well as all over the rest of me! But the paint coated the walls smoothly and evenly, and only needed one coat in the end.

Once the walls were dry (they dried overnight) I could start decorating! For that grown-up hotel-inspired sophistication I made the bed with brand new 600 thread count linens from Tielle

… and accessorised with large grey velvet cushionscomplimenting smaller onessilk bolsters and a wool throw, complimenting the grey silk shades on clear lamp bases and taupe bedside tables.

To inject some fun I couldn’t resist Ben de Lissi’s camera shaped lamp and Debenham’s Love LED lamp, which fit perfect in the wall recess.

Then I hung a gallery wall (using velcro hooks so as not to ruin the paint), using a combination of complimenting prints; A limited edition Brigitte Bardot print from Made.comKate Moss ‘Life is a Joke’, Catch The Waves, Sailing and Blue Balloons all from Desenio (along with all the frames), then Surfs Up Chanel, No5 Beach, Fashionista and Chanel Nights all from Chelsea Prints.

Then my bunny ear frame and a gorgeous soft and fluffy sheepskin rug from Very.co.uk and the room was complete – in less than 24 hours!

Can you believe the difference?!

From this:

To this:

And from this:

To this:

And this:

To this:

It’s (almost) a shame that we’re leaving!

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