How to create a gallery wall (and where to find affordable art!)

I recently wrote about the power of a gallery wall, and after putting together a gallery wall myself for my home office makeover, I’ve found a few brilliant online bargains!

Updating the artwork on your walls is one of the quickest, easiest and most effective ways of revamping your home (aside from decorating your shelves, adding plants or investing in new rugs or furniture), but it can be hard to find the right art prints or photos to suit your style – especially on a budget!

Thankfully, the internet has made it easier to find affordable prints, photographs and posters – okay, so they might not be an original Slim Aarons or Gray Malin, but give them a pretty frame and no one will know the difference.

I’ve found a few fabulous online shops for affordable photographs, illustrations and posters – with bargains like these, you can mix and match them to create your own gallery wall!


First I measured the wall and created an equal sized square on the floor, where I arranged the pictures, moving them around and puzzling to find the best configuration. Some of my pictures were a bit too big and had to be moved back up to the attic, and some were too small. In the end I was left with just an odd rectangle shaped space (below, top right), for which I happened to have the perfect frame – but no pictures.


When I was happy with the layout, I measured it exactly and drew the dots and outlines on the wall in pencil, to make sure they were spread out as evenly as possible. Hanging them up properly was a painfully slow and boring process, but totally worth it! We’ve left the rectangular picture frame empty for now, to leave room for new memories.


Below are a few of my favourite online destinations for affordable art (including the ones above), with brilliant bargains from just £5…



1. Surface View

A great go-to source for canvas prints and posters (you can even buy photo posters framed, although it can work out cheaper to frame them yourself), Surface View has an extensive collection of Slim Aarons photography (as well as other famous photographers) including the above photograph as well as the iconic Poolside Gossip print, all for £70.


2. Desenio

A great place to go for picture frames, Desenio also has a great selection of posters – from inspirational quotes to pretty illustrations and art prints, as well as glossy metallic prints. Pick up the above beach poster for just £15, or an iconic Kate Moss photograph for £60.


3, 4 and 6. Etsy

Home to all things artsy and home-made, Etsy is a great resource for finding individual artists, illustrators and photographers. Etsy is also a great source for fun and colourful prints – perfect for an office or a gallery wall! You can nab the above Chanel print, cactus print or brush strokes print from just £5 each – bargain! Also, if, like me, you’re a little bit obsessed with Gray Malin’s beach photography, you’ll be happy to hear that Etsy offer prints in a similar style at a fraction of the price – the ones from Claudia Chloe on Etsy range from just £15!


5. King and McGaw

With a huge collection covering everything from modern to abstract art, vintage to contemporary, typography to fashion photography, and famous to up-and-coming, King and McGaw has something for everyone – like this vintage Vogue cover photograph, in black & white!


Some other great online sources…

I. John Lewis

You’ll be familiar with John Lewis for furniture, appliances and other items, but did you know that they are also a great place to find art prints? In particular, they have an extensive collection of elegant Picasso and Matisse sketches, which look gorgeous grouped together, as well as on their own.


II. Amazon

Amazon is great if you know exactly what you’re looking for, and have a specific photograph or art poster in mind. This fun and iconic Kate Moss by Mario Testino poster is £60, and a print of Ruth Orkin’s famous American Girl in Italy photo is just £17.


III. Post Collective

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through Instagram and thinking how nice that photo would look on your walls? Post Collective is an online shop offering exclusive photography by Instagrammers from all over the world. Most photos cost less than £20, and they come on thick fine art paper – you can also order them to arrive framed. Because the photos are selected from around the globe, there is a great range of fun and unusual prints.


IV. Oh My Home

Based in Holland, Oh My Home offers a small but original selection of prints and posters (as well as lighting and other decor), such as this To The Beach poster, for £36.


V. Artfinder

Last but certainly not least, if you are looking for the real deal – an original sketch, illustration, painting or even sculpture – on a budget, artfinder.comrepresents thousands of individual artists, selling one-off pieces to suit all budgets.


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