How to decorate for a Summer party

What better way to enjoy the sunshine than with a Summer garden party?

Be it in your garden or the park, or even on a rooftop terrace in the city, make your next al fresco event an affair to remember, and throw a beautiful bash people won’t forget.



Decorations don’t need to be expensive to make a big impact; fairy lights, bunting, lanterns, candles and big colourful decorations like pom poms or tassel garlands can go a very long way – and then be re-used year after year!

Try out a few of these decorative ideas to make your party a seasonal spectacular.

1. Bunting

An obvious one but it never goes out of fashion – bunting creates an instant Summer party atmosphere.

Upgrade your bunting by looping fairy lights along it, attaching balloons, tassels, streamers, or even sweets and party favours. I used the below pastel-coloured bunting from Talking Tables with some festoon lights from Cox & Cox!


2. Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns are a great way of adding splashes of colour to an outdoor space, and can create a wonderful whimsical atmosphere.

Mix and match different colours (but stick to one colour palette – for example, pastels) for a fun and Summery vibe, or stick to the same colour (for example, white lanterns) but choose different sizes and hang them at different heights for a romantic and elegant look.


I also hung some pretty pastel-coloured lanterns with ribbons (also from Talking Tables) from the tree at the front of the house as a way to let guests know where we were!


3. Balloons

Balloons are not just for children’s parties – for a more sophisticated approach, splurge on oversized pastel-coloured ones, confetti-filled or even clear balloons, and use them to decorate tables or the outside of your home.

4. Tassel garlands

Wonderfully festive, tassel garlands really transform a space and create an instant party atmosphere. Use them in combination with bunting and paper lanterns if you want to go all out – or on their own to decorate tables or create a focal point (for example round the birthday cake, dinner table or entrance). I love this Malibu-style tassel garland from Talking Tables, but it can be quite a fun (although time-consuming) project to make them yourself too!


5. Greenery

Just because you’re outdoors doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add plenty of greenery!

Using wild flowers and foliage from the surroundings and even twigs adds a rustic feel and can make a table look much more festive and inviting.

If you have time, make a table runner garland from the foliage, decorate candles or even use sprigs of herbs or flowers to decorate plates and napkins (this only works on a non windy day!).

6. Lighting

The most important and effective way of decorating is with lighting. Combining fairy lights and candles in vases creates a romantic atmosphere.

It’s worth investing in some outdoor fairy lights or festoon lights, as they will add magic to your outdoor space all year round.
If your budget allows, it’s also worth investing in some hanging jars, lanterns or baubles that fit battery candles, and suspending them from branches at different heights.

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