How to gift wrap like a pro

I’ve come across the best gift wrapping technique I’ve ever seen (thanks to professional gift wrappers at wrapsody), and I don’t know how I’ve ever managed so long without it! The technique is quite tricky the first time round, but as soon as you get the hang of it it becomes automatic, and any gift looks so much prettier and more impressive!

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The great thing about the ‘kimono’ style wrap is that it creates plenty of folds which you can tuck things in – like gift cards, messages, or festive decorations.

present wrapping ideas

The class took place at Thornback & Peel – who offered us some of their gorgeous gift wrapping paper, as well as some of their gorgeous products to wrap!

gift wrapping how-to

Kimono wraping is perfect for rectangular shaped gifts like books, or boxes. To wrap a gift ‘kimono’ style, follow these steps – I know they may sound a little confusing at first, but practice makes perfect!

1. Lay the present on the paper (the pretty side of the paper facing down), with the top left corner of the present exactly on top of the top left corner of the wrapping paper.

how to wrap presents

2. To measure the perfect size for the wrapping paper, ‘roll’ the gift 5 times; turn it onto its side to the right, then back down onto its front (moving right), then onto its side again, then onto its back, then onto its side again, and finally back on its front. The present should now be 3 times the width of the gift and times the depth of the gift away from where you started.

3. Now move the present downwards, rolling three times; so 2 times the length of the gift and 1 times the height. You have now mapped out the exact measurement that the wrapping paper needs to be cut to! Cut around the space you have just marked out, as exactly as you can.

4. You now have a rectangular piece of paper. Lay the present in the middle of the paper and pull the top edge of wrapping paper over the box so that it covers two thirds.

how to wrap a present

5. Pinch the top edges of the paper and pull down towards the side of the box, pinching the edges and smoothing the sides as you go. You should now have two triangles of paper on either side of the gift.

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6. Now wrap like a kimono. Fold each triangle flap over the main body of the present, one at a time, alternating sides.

gift wrap ideasgift wrap ideashow to wrap presentskimono gift wrapkimono gift wrap

7. Stick the last triangle flap down using double sided tape. (If you have excess paper, fold the edge underneath itself so that it is flush with a box edge.)

8. To seal it elegantly, fold the bottom edges in like an envelope, and try to get the final ‘flap’ perfectly in the middle – you can do this by cutting it to the exact line, or by folding the paper inwards and then sticking it down using double-sided tape.

christmas wrappingchristmas wrapping

9. You can decorate it by tying a ribbon around it (which you can use to cover any unsatisfactory bits), and hiding a gift tag or pretty decorations into the folds of the kimono.

If you’d like to make the bow from the image, take a ribbon and create a loop so that it looks like a number 9, then stick the loop down in place (under where my thumb is in the picture below) with some double-sided tape.

Christmas wrapping

Then fold the ribbon back in the other direction, and then back again, creating waves each one slightly larger until you feel you have enough folds!

Christmas wrapping Christmas wrapping

Finally, cut a small piece of ribbon off the edge and wrap it across the middle of the bow, sticking it in place. Then wrap the ribbon around the present, with the bow on top of the gift, and stick the ribbon in place!

Christmas wrapping Christmas wrapping


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