How to light your home for autumn 2016

You’re probably already familiar with the brand TK Maxx, but did you know that they have a homewares and interiors arm, called HomeSense? It’s a treasure trove of affordable home accessories, kitchenware, linen and even furniture! Frustratingly they don’t yet have an online store, but it’s definitely worth making a trip to one of the HomeSense stores. Make sure you bring a car as you’ll want to stock up on a lot of bargains! I spotted some really gorgeous lamps and couldn’t believe how affordable they were. It got me thinking that lamps are such an underrated home accessory, and perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere for the autumn and winter. With these gold and marble inspired floor and table lamps you’ll also inject some instant glamour!

So, as the nights start to draw in and the days get darker, your choice of lighting is key. Uplight, downlight, task light, spotlight – the options are endless – and the great thing is stylish, affordable lighting needn’t be hard to come by. With these affordable options, you can layer combinations of different lighting, just as you would blankets and cushions, to add depth and dimension to a room.

gold lamps

1. TK Maxx Gold Base Lamp, £39.99
2. TK Maxx Stone Base Lamp, £24.99
3. TK Maxx Home Mesh Lamp, £39.99

Table lamps and floor lamps are simple additions to any room that can create a cosy and snug atmosphere. They are an easy way to transform your home, making it warm and inviting, whilst softly brightening up dark corners and defining a particular space or functional area. They’re also a great way to show off your furnishings and work well to lighten dark furniture.

floor lamps4. TK Maxx Gold Table Lamp, £19.99
5. TK Maxx Home Theatre Lamp, £129.99
6. TK Maxx Industrial Light, £249.99

Corner lamps are also very versatile – they will make your space appear bigger as they draw the eye into the corner of the room. They can replace main ceiling lighting during the evenings, and can be easily moved to a different spot if needed.

Even changing your lamp shade can have an effect on the ambience of a room. Choosing fabric lamp shades that hide the light bulb are the best options for creating that a relaxing atmosphere. Lighter fabrics are better for soft lighting, as they diffuse the glow around a room much better than darker fabrics.

It’s also worth considering the light bulbs themselves – choosing a low wattage light bulb will provide a gentler glow than more powerful bulbs.

So whether you’re relaxing after work or entertaining friends, try combining a few of these gorgeous lights together to find the perfect modern lighting for your home!

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