How to choose the right light fittings to create an interior designed look

As you’ll already know, good lighting is essential to a beautiful interior, especially now that autumn is upon us. Lighting is also essential in terms of creating the mood and ambience of a living space, so getting it right from the start is vital. Even if you’ve decorated a room beautifully, if it’s badly lit or is unpleasantly bright then it’s a wasted effort.

But although you may have considered the type of lighting you’re looking for – a pretty pendant lamp perhaps, or a funky floor lamp or unusual table lamp, or maybe just some simple spot lights – chances are you haven’t considered the effect that the light fitting itself has on the room. Am I right?

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Blending your lighting finishes with the surrounding colour scheme will create a much more harmoneous look – ‘Thank you Captain Obvious’ I hear you say. But think about it: if you’re using brass taps in a kitchen or bathroom, then using brass lighting fixtures (as well as light switches and other accessories) will help tie the room together and give it a better designed overall appearance, whereas chrome light fixtures are likely to clash with the existing brass details. Sure, it may sound pretty obvious, but it’s easy to overlook the small details and end up with a room that doesn’t look quite right.

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By thinking about your lighting early on in the design process, whether you’re doing a total room transformation (have you seen my recent loft makeover?) or just an autumn / winter update, the lighting you choose is more likely to fit the room layout and colour scheme.

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Adding recessed fittings like the above will add value to a space.

As well as harmonising a colour with other interior elements such as designer taps, plug sockets, switches and feature pendants, bespoke finishes can really affect the feel of a light fitting.

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Colours such as gold or bronze can really soften and warm the visible tones of a luminaire.

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Shiny plated finishes such as polished copper or chrome are more stand-out and using a simple white with a dark insert such as black, totally negates any glare leading to high levels of visual comfort in areas where a more discreet light is required.

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Meanwhile, special finishes can complement the tones of a space. Traditional metals such as brass and nickel can stand out against dark furniture and wood, or they can add warmth and sophistication to an area that generally utilises cooler palettes.

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White spaces for example can look over-clinical, which can be overcome by adding warm tones such as bronze, brass or gold finishes.

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Cooler metals such as chrome and stainless steel work well in spaces with neutral colour palettes and teaming these with metallic accents can give an industrial edge to a space.

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For those who have an eye for detail, it’s important to bear in mind that stainless steel can have a grain texture and you will want the grain to run in the same direction across all your fittings.

Lastly, when it comes to selecting the right fittings, it could be worth noting that a few designers consciously choose to mix their metals, in rooms where they complement each other.

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Or, for a more subtle and minimalist effect, select lights with a hidden source – for example in bookshelves – to create a more streamlined look.

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For a great comparison of what a difference the colour of a light fitting can make to a room, consider this before and after:


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Image credit: Right Up My Alley .blogspot .com

Whatever tickles your pickle, you can find a whole bunch of bespoke luminaires available in a variety of custom finishes at Ecoled, giving you the ability to match the surrounding décor of your project. Ecoled can also finish their lights to any design and match colour to add to the aesthetic of a space.

If you want to turn your light fitting into a stand-out statement piece, add a bold, bright colour or consider one of Ecoled’s speciality finishes; these include rust, aged copper, antique bronze and even wood or carbon.

Not sure what to go for? Try the online Light Builder Tool that allows users to digitally build their fittings with their desired finish, before taking a virtual look at the end product. Trial the tool here.

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