Leg table DIY

You find the best things when you’re not even looking for them. My papier-mâché giraffe bust in the study is my proudest eBay find, and recently I hit another jackpot – this time at Putney Bridge market (on the first Sunday of every month).

Passing by and trying to resist the urge to shop, I spotted a pair of vintage mannequin legs in the corner of my eye. I could. Not. Resist.

The top half of the mannequin was being sold separately but I only had eyes for the legs – with a lovely shape, upholstered in a soft fabric and smooth on the top I immediately fell in love with it as a lamp or vase table. And sure enough, it was the perfect flower stand to suit our living room!

I have some Rust Oleum bright neon yellow and neon pink spray paint as well as a tin of white paint, but I’m also tempted to take the lazy option and just give the legs a pair of tights and a table top. What do you think of my new favourite piece of furniture?