Easy popsicle ice cream recipes

When I was little I used to love making popsicles, and although I stopped making them around 18 years ago, they still taste like Summer holidays on a stick, and carry an air of nostalgia. So when I found some popsicle moulds from Lekue I couldn’t wait to experiment with a few different flavours!


My first experiment was using some watermelon, kiwi and coconut milk, with a little bit of sweetener.


I blitzed the watermelon with some kiwi (and a pinch of sweetener), poured the mixture into the moulds and let it set for a bit, then poured some coconut milk over the top to fill it up (the idea was for the white to create the watermelon rind but it just went everywhere so I went along with it), and froze them. Although they were pretty light and refreshing, the watermelon was quite icey and watery, so I decided to create something a little creamier…


Using just two main ingredients; coconut milk and mango, I made my favourite popsicles yet! I blitsed half a mango with half a tin of coconut milk and a little bit of honey, and they turned out lovely and fruity and creamy…

IMG_6765_2 IMG_6893

They were just a couple of experiments but they are so much fun and easy to make, I can’t wait to try other flavour combinations! Perhaps pear and cream? Or strawberries and cream? Or cookies and cream? Watch this space…

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