How to make the most of a small bathroom

Decorating a small bathroom has been a fun and wonderful challenge, and in the process I’ve picked up quite a few ideas on how to help make a bathroom reach its full potential!

With our homes getting smaller (at least in London), it’s important to know how to make the most of the space you have.

But size doesn’t matter as much as you may think – below are a few tips on how to make the most of a small bathroom!

To refresh your memory, here’s what the bathroom used to look like:


Rotten wooden floors, old bathroom units, rotting windows and blinds, a stained old mirror, a very old and stained shower, and absolutely no storage of any sort. In other words: a blank canvas! 😉


After practically gutting it (meanwhile resorting to the kitchen to brush our teeth and wash in – usually with builders as an awkward audience), we invested in new units, a new mirror, and new tiles for a totally waterproof (and hopefully rot-proof) bathroom.


1. Colour and pattern

We chose white metro tiles  for along the bath and walls to elongate the space, big dark slate tiles for on the bathroom floor, and marble tiles blending the two together (and because I can’t get enough of marble at the moment). All tiles from Victoria Plum. By having the same metro tiles along the walls and the bath helped to keep the space simple and uncluttered. We also considered using hexagon tiles for both the walls and floor – which I’m tempted to try next time!


2. Mirrors

A well placed mirror can add metres to a small bathroom. An illuminated mirror is even better! We chose an enormous mirror that takes up an entire wall, bouncing around plenty of light around the room and helping to make the room appear much bigger. We also installed a heating pad behind it which is connected to the light switch – so when you switch the light on the mirror heats up and prevents it from steaming up when you shower!


3. Storage

In a small bathroom, there definitely needs to be a place for everything to prevent it looking cluttered. I love big shelves (as opposed to small cabinets or baskets) to keep toiletries and items off the surfaces while keeping them to hand. If you’re afraid that shelves might make your small bathroom appear cluttered then big illuminated mirrored bathroom cabinets make great storage solutions and keep your bathroom looking neat and tidy, while adding extra light as well as a big mirror.

We couldn’t build a cabinet behind our mirror as there wasn’t enough depth, and there wasn’t really space for any sort of cabinet in our little bathroom. We knew we needed to get pretty much everything off the floor (as being able to see the floor underneath the sink and loo can help to make a room appear larger), so we had to create something a bit different.

The only space we really had to play with was around the door frame, so we built shelves along it, around it and above it – and it’s the best thing we’ve done! The new shelves give me plenty of space for everything I need and keep it all to hand, without taking up any space in the bathroom. Genius – even if I do say so myself 😉


Here’s what our bathroom looks like now – what a difference it’s made!!

IMG_6879_2Slide4Thanks so much for reading!

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