New year update – my 2017 so far

Phew, it’s been a while! This has been the longest period of time that I haven’t updated my blog since I first started it, so I’m sorry for doing a bit of a disappearing act. But I haven’t forgotten about you, or this blog. It’s been a whirlwind January, and frankly I can’t quite believe it’s February already!

Here’s what you’ve missed… After spending Christmas in Amsterdam, New Years Eve in Sussex, and a few days in Dorset for a funeral, I’ve been working full time whilst making a considerable effort to tackle those new years resolutions; I’ve gone full steam ahead with job applications (to find a permanent job and move away from freelancing), and have had a series of interviews – hopefully I start hearing back about jobs this week! We’ve also put our house on the market and have spent the weekend afternoons doing back-to-back house viewings, trying to find our next fixer upper project. I’m fostering two new puppies, am organising a fundraising event for a dog charity and have signed up to a few volunteer projects as a way to do more good, and I’ve finally made time to catch up individually with all my old friends, committing to seeing at least one every weeknight, whilst getting ‘out there’ more, and attending parties, balls and other events at the weekends. I feel a little exhausted, but very happy 🙂 To top it off, I have another home photo shoot this week – this time for Ideal Home magazine and Style at Home magazine! A great reason to make an early start on my spring cleaning, and have a little clear out.

I know my blog has also been one of my resolutions and I still have ambitious plans for it this year, but I felt like other areas of my life needed a little more attention. But now that that’s done (and ongoing in the background), I’m back!

Rather than bore you with each mini adventure (from wild nights out and misbehaving at balls to gorgeous walks and even a dip in the ocean!), I’ll share one of my favourite memories from January.

Two close girl friends and I were enjoying a very long walk around Richmond Park with my puppy Flora last weekend, when we noticed three naked men in the distance, fumbling around with a pile of leaves. Trying not to stare (at least not too obviously), and doing our best to stifle our giggles, we were about to walk past when we spotted a naked girl also fumbling around in this big pile of leaves.

“Don’t mind me! Don’t worry, I’m not a weirdo! It’s all part of a birthday challenge”, she explained. I admired her refreshing confidence, as she didn’t even bother covering up in front of us and instead walked up to us (totally nude) and started telling us about their day and what they were doing; a large group of friends had all met up near the park for someone’s birthday, and were divided into teams of four. Each team was assigned the same list of challenges, such as having a photo taken of them holding a baby, and this ‘nudity challenge’, all to be completed within Richmond Park. At the end of the day the teams would meet at a birthday party and compare the results, and the winning team would get a prize.

It sounded like a pretty fun day out! She was adamant to win and jokingly asked if we wanted to help, so the three of us looked at each other and shrugged – why not? “Yes please!” I responded, and I’m so glad we did.

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