Our back garden design and makeover

When we moved in, our back garden was in desperate need of some TLC, with a lumpy lawn and disintegrating fences, but I’m proud to say that we’ve come a long way since then, and even managed to do everything ourselves!

Okay, so we may already approaching the end of Summer (where has the time gone?!), but we’re still hoping to make the most of all the hard work and at the very least host a couple of barbecues (on our hand-made barbecue!) or dinners in the back garden. We’ve not even used our new garden furniture set yet!

This is what it looked like before – crumbling fences, a lumpy bumpy foot path and a cracked cement patio…


With an old shed that was rotting away:


And a rather sad sight of the back of the house from the garden too, with stained walls, slippery steps, a cracked cement path, a splintered garden gate and a rotting shed!

IMG_2466 IMG_2465

We got straight to work. We discovered Squires garden centres (a gardener’s heaven on Earth) and stocked up on new fence panels, earth, compost, gardening tools, grass seed and new pots and plants…


And got weeding, sowing, trimming and planting!


We* tore down the old fence (*read: He / Jonathan, I’m a little useless at these things), and replaced them with new fencing and trellis…


… and even broke down the old shed and used the wood to build a new garden gate!


We* then built a brand new shed, and garden path, and patio, and even leveled out the lumpy lawn by temporarily digging up the lawn, removing the lumpy bits (burried rocks and bricks and rubbish), and then putting the lawn back down with some grass seed and fertilizer.


Next, a quick visit to B&Q to pick up some bricks and things for Jonathan to build a barbecue (just in time for our housewarming barbecue!)




Finally, I treated myself to some brand new garden furniture, and we decorated with some pretty festoon lights!


We also rendered and painted the back of the house and put down some new paving slabs.


It feels so much fresher and happier already! Although the garden still looks a little bit bare, by next Summer it should look a whole lot greener. We’re even planting a vegetable patch!

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