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So I have some pretty exciting news – my boyfriend and I are about to move in together in our very first home! Aside from being excited about the prospect of having our own space, a blank canvas to make our own and add value to, and of course the whole moving-in-together thing, I’m mostly looking forward to the packing, unpacking and decorating part. Maybe because I’m pretty used to it by now, having lived all over the world and moved house about 14 times, but I’ve found that every time I move it marks a new beginning – a new space, a new routine, a new interior and a chance to declutter your life.

chic grey interiors

Moving house is a great time to have a proper clear-out, and January is as good a time as any as there’s not a whole lot going on. I’m trying to be as selective as possible with every single thing I pack into boxes, and anything I rarely use or wear, or is stained or old, or doesn’t fit in with the new place is going to the local charity shop. At the same time I’ve also been looking around at styles that maximise small spaces, look sophisticated and elegant, create a relaxing environment that isn’t too loud and doesn’t date as quickly, and of course it will need to be fairly ‘unisex’ and appeal to us both!

chic grey interiors

One style that keeps popping up everywhere I look is the neutral and soft grey interiors trend, with metallic accents to add a hint of glamour and a few fun accent pieces to add some character and colour. My favourite bit of inspiration so far is probably Alaina Kaczmarski’s Chicago apartment:

I’ve had a little nose around the internet and found an awesome collection of high street buys to help create her look in London!

get the look

  1. Grey velvet sofa, £1695
  2. Round side tables, £129
  3. Tassle cushion, £12.99
  4. Ikat cushion, £34
  5. Dalmatian dot cushion, £23
  6. Leopard print cushion, £23
  7. Ombre cushion, £38
  8. Knitted pouf, £69
  9. Striped rug, £14.99

But first… Declutter your home and you’ll declutter your life!

There’s nothing like a good and thorough spring clean to refresh your home. Go through your drawers, cupboards and surfaces, one space at a time, and get rid of anything you never wear or use, decorative items that you don’t love, and anything that is damaged, old, or stained. Try on all your clothes in front of a mirror – anything that doesn’t fit properly, looks a bit ridiculous or you’re unlikely to wear again should go in a pile for your local charity shop! When cleaning out your space, keep a pad of paper and a pen nearby. Make a list of items that you need: if your favorite little black dress is too small and you’re getting rid of it, add LBD to the list. If your bedding is old and tatty, add new bedding to the list. One tip I read online is the ‘hanger test’ – turn all the clothes hanging in your wardrobe so that the hangers are facing the incorrect way, back-to-front. Every time you pull something out and wear it, when you put it back in your wardrobe, place the hanger in correctly. After a few months, you’ll be able to tell which clothes you haven’t worn. Get rid of these items!

A few simple ways to spruce up your home for 2016…

You can create a stylish, sophisticated, and polished look on any budget. Here’s a few key things I’ve learned so far:
  1. This time of year can be pretty gloomy (aside from the January sales), so cheer your home up with some candles, fresh flowers and cheerful throw pillows.
  2. Add a touch of glamour with warm metallics – a touch of rose gold or copper here and there can make a room sexier and make you feel glamorous.
  3. Art can be a great investment and can really perk up a space, whether it’s just a print, poster or photograph or a painting. Treat yourself to some pictures to dot around or hang on the walls.
  4. Freshen up your bedding. We spend so much time in our beds but somehow forget to get new bedding every once in a while. You don’t have to buy an entirely new bed, but it may be time to mix up the pillows, the duvet, or the sheets.
  5. Storage is a bit of a Catch-22; you may be thrilled to find a bookcase that showcases all of your things, but exposing all of your odds and ends can make a space feel cluttered! Instead, consider hidden storage to avoid visual clutter.
 Now for a few more things from my lust list to complete the look!
lust list
7. Large handmade rug, 160cm x 230cm, £330
12. Luxe bar table, £280


  • coffeeslag says:

    I love all the gold accents in your home.

    And best of luck with moving in with your boyfriend! My boyfriend and I have been living together now for about a year and a half and man, starting to decorate together is so hard, especially with a stubborn boyfriend haha. He loves masculine dark wood and I love whites and gold so trying to compromise has been a work in progress.


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  • Congratulations for the move! It is a very important moment in your life. I wish you to be very happy sharing this beautiful home with your boy and these two lovely dogs! Thanks for sharing! I give me some awesome decoration ideas! 🙂

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