Guide to Shepton Mallet Market – What I Found, And What I Bought

Working on some of the beautiful house tours for Livingetc magazine as part of my new job, I kept coming across pieces that were sourced from the Shepton Mallet Flea Market. Curious, and in need of furniture for our new flat, we planned a visit.

At the Shepton Mallet market, there was everything from beautifully made rustic sideboards and dining tables (between £85 and £250) to elegant velvet dining chairs, and from ex-fairground-attraction decorations (like an enormous shark’s head that came off a Jaws themed ride and would have looked fabulous mounted to a wall) to a whole sea of old trunks, and plenty of pictures and paintings, mirrors, children’s toys and knick knacks.

I very nearly bought the shark’s head, but thought it was a little steep at £400, so came home with a pretty side table instead. I managed to haggle it down from £120 to £85 which I was pretty pleased with. It was the very end of the day and the owner looked keen to get rid of it.

Then, on our way home we passed another furniture reclamation shop, called The Dorchester Curiosity Centre. It was arguably even better than the Shepton Mallet market as it had some great quality furniture items for not a lot of money, but of course it had less of the usual and quirky finds. I ended up buying themes fabulous Gustavian style dresser for just £150!

I also found a beautiful Gustavian clothes cabinet for just £120. I can’t wait to go back and stock up on more.

Below are some of the other fun things we came across at the Shepton Mallet flea market. Thinking of popping along for a visit? The next dates are June 10th, July 15th, August 26th and October 14th. Put it in your diary!

A pair of old dining chairs for £140…

Four of these fun directors-style chairs for £80 (£20 each)…

This accent chair for just £40!!! The fabric was pretty stained, but just imagine how pretty it would look upholstered in a new fabric?

I was gutted to miss out on this fabulous hand-made sideboard, which was only £85. I loved it, but made the mistake of “thinking about it” and walking around for another half an hour, by which time it had of course been snapped up! Damn.

There were kitchen sideboards too, with trays for vegetables and things.

There was an old pharmacy-style pigeon hole cupboard, which had been used to sort people’s post. It would be pretty handy in a study of course, but perhaps a bathroom too – my bathroom could certainly use some more storage.

For the rest it was lots of storage trunks, toys and oddities…

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