Guess who’s in this month’s issue of Style at Home!

I’ve been featured in another magazine! Since I gave a more personal life update the last time I was featured in a magazine, I thought I would do the same here.

In a nutshell, things feel like they’re slowly falling into place – but not how I expected them to. I mentioned in the previous post about how life sometimes feels like a constant juggling act, and that despite a great social life and relationship I’ve struggled to find the right career, spending the first half of this year making applications and going for interviews. I don’t know if you believe in fate (do you?), but it certainly feels like fate or destiny is pushing me to take a geographical leap.

It’s almost strange how things have evolved. Firstly, my boyfriend and I have talked about trying a new city for the past two years but the timing never felt quite right. In fact, we nearly moved to Amsterdam in August 2015 but then I found a new contract in London, and then we nearly moved again a year later, but then he had his offer accepted on the flat we now live in. Fast forward to now, and it’s almost as though we’re being pushed.

Over the past couple of months I’ve met dozens of people who have recently moved (or are in the process of moving) to Amsterdam, and the more I noticed it, the more it seems to be happening. Everywhere I look I seem to spot an article, poster or even billboard advertising Amsterdam, and every party I go to I seem to overhear people talking about visiting. It might sound crazy, but it almost felt like someone was trying to tell me something. At one such party I met someone with an interiors business out there who talked loosely about offering me a job out there if I ever move, and that connection lead to a snowball effect of introductions that have also lead to vague job offers or at least the proposition of working together in some way. But that still leaves me with one problem: I live in London. Next thing I know, the perfect flat in Amsterdam lands in our lap as if by magic, which means we would even save money if we move as we could be living rent free until Christmas. Then a friend got in touch asking if I know anyone with a flat for rent in London – I suggested our place and he’s keen to move in asap. It’s almost been too easy. Pair that with lost friendships getting back in touch, and all niggling things being resolved – from bills, paperwork and e-mails to patching things up with old friends and also detoxing my life from the things and people that were toxic – it feels like my life has no loose ends left to tie up. Except maybe the loft which is still in desperate need of a clear out. Anyway. With both our businesses mobile (both my boyfriend and I work from home), the move also seems like a relatively risk free way to try out a new city. And who knows where that could take us? New career prospects, new friends, new routine, new areas to discover, and most places just a 5 minute bike ride away. All that just a 40 minute flight or five hour drive away. So. What’s stopping us? 

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Our flat is being featured in the September issue (out on 1st August) and January issue (out on 1st December) of Style at Home, so as per tradition, you can expect more life updates then! Until then, you can spot me in this month’s issue as a Home Expert!