Where my beaches at? Escape to the sun with these 30 summer art ideas for your walls

Whether you’ve got your summer all sorted, or have already spent most of your annual leave days, get that summer holiday feeling – at home. Don’t have your own swimming pool? Adorn your walls with an oversized painting of a swimming pool for a fraction of the price. Nowhere near a beach? Beach, please. I’ve found some super summery beach paintings that will make your home feel sunny even on a rainy day. And I’m not talking cheap and cheerful Gray Malin style aerial beach photography prints either, I’m talking real deal one-off original paintings to add to your art collection. Because who needs sand in your toes when you’ve got beach for your walls?

1. Poolside gossip

Two chairs by the pool, original painting, £850.

2. Club tropicana

Tropical pool, watercolour painting, £58.

3. Reflections

Saltwater, oil painting, £1,157.

4. Pool house

Pool House New England, painting, £90.

5. Swimmer

The swimmer, original watercolour painting, £850.

6. iPhloat

iPhloat, original oil painting, £323.

7. Where my beaches at?

Beach watercolour, £145.

8. Lost girl

Lost, oil painting, £2,275.

9. Life’s a beach

Life’s a beach, acrylic painting, £154.

10. Dive in

Dive in, signed archival print, £327.

11. Sunbather

Walk, acrylic painting, £270.

12. Surfer

Yellow surfer, colour photograph, £279.

13. Floating

Girl in pool, painting, £36.

14. Bobbing

Sink in float, large painting, £1,818.

15. Pink pool

Pink pool, watercolour painting, £58.

16. Beach scene

Beach scene, original acrylic painting, £50.

17. Lone surfer

Surfer on the beach, manipulated photograph, £756.

18. Motel

Motel Pool, watercolour painting, £58.

19. Dog dive

Jack Russell Terrier Jumps in the Pool£52.

20. Diver

Mid Morning Light, signed archival print, £709.

21. Wading

Wading, oil painting, £2,430.

22. California

Pool House California, painting, £90.

23. Dunes

Dunes beach, acrylic painting, £154.

24. Baby beach

Baby beach, acrylic painting, £501.

25. Paradise

Paradise, watercolour painting, £58.

26. Surfers

Surfer day, manipulated photograph, £601.

27. Light reflection

Ankle deep, oil painting, £617.

28. Small original

Tiny painting, original watercolour painting, £79.

29. Freedom

The swimmer, original large acrylic painting, £2,995.

30. Fab

Fab ice lolly, original acrylic painting, £595.

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