Summers in Tuscany

It’s not hard to fall in love with Tuscany. Nor is it hard to fall in love in Tuscany. When I first told my  friends that I was going to spend a whole week on holiday at a villa in Tuscany with a man I met in a bar just two weeks before, they all thought I was crazy. And maybe I was, a little. But it was there, at a generous villa with an infinity pool overlooking the rolling hills of almond-shaped Cypress trees and olive groves, that I had the most romantic week of my  life – and fell head over heels. With a backdrop like Tuscany, it’s hard not to feel a little romantic. Fast forward two and a half years, and we’re still together.

This summer we returned to Tuscany to celebrate my father’s 70th birthday with family and friends. Villa Caprolo was set against another breathtaking backdrop, an impossibly picture-perfect scene as though it had been painted for an olive oil label.

The smell of fig trees and the sound of crickets filled the hot summer air, people lazed by the pool with their books, or escaped the heat of the day with a siesta, until that golden late afternoon glow signalled it was an acceptable time to open the first bottle of wine.

Soon the sunset would drape the hills in a soft, pink glow, slowly giving in to the clear and starry night.

Our lazy afternoons were only broken up by lunch, which usually took place at a neighbouring vineyard.

The most impressive vineyard we visited was the Antinori estate; an architecturally profound and enormous property that looked like it had come straight out of a Bond film.

In the evenings we cooked, and would sit with 16 of us around a large round table, playing cards until one-by-one people headed to bed, leaving the hard-core card players competing by candle-light.

It was September but it still felt like the middle of summer. Sandals, summer dresses, barbecued food and Gazpacho for starters.

If you’re looking for the ultimate group holiday get-away next summer, book a villa in Tuscany. You won’t regret it.


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