Wild Thing: Animal Print Accents

Walk on the wild side with an accent of leopard or zebra print.

A leopard print cushion or rug can add a daring and glamorous edge to an interior, while a more subtle leopard print in soft brown or beige can act as a neutral. Zebra print is popping up everywhere you look too; from framed graphic prints to zebra print cowhides and safari inspired trinket boxes, trays and storage jars. The monochrome stripes can suit most homes; from modern, minimalist and monochrome interiors to the more vibrant and colourful. Below are a few interiors that have seamlessly incorporated animal print – scroll down to see where you can find similar accents on a budget!

A subtle leopard print rug. Image Credit: One Kings Lane

A vibrant and daring footstool. Image Credit: One Kings Lane

This leaopard print accent cushion creates a pop of glamour. Image Credit: Alaina Kaczmarski

Same as above. Image Credit: Alaina Kaczmarski

A daring leopard rug adds feminine playful glamour. Image Credit: Pink Peonies

Image Credit: Pink Peonies

The pink, green and gold work great with this zebra rug. Unfortunately this rug looks real – which is illegal. There are plenty of realistic zebra print cowhides on the market – scroll down to moodboard. Image Credit: amiecorlet.com

Both leopard and zebra prints work together in this sitting room. Image Credit: Ashlina Kaposta

Zebra and leopard work together in this interior. Image Credit: Domino

This room mixes and matches pattern in the same colour palette. Image Credit: One King’s Lane

A leopard print accent cushion compliments the black frames and cream sofa. Image Credit: One Kings Lane

These accent armchairs give this chic interior a fun twist. Image Credit: Ally Kim

Image Credit: Atlanta Magazine

Leopard print accent cushions are not just for living rooms. Image Credit: Dwellings by Devore

Image Credit: Styled By Chloe Liv

The warm tones of the leopard print compliment the warm gold coffee table. Image Credit: DecorPad

Leopard print cushions beautifully contrast against cream furniture and walls. Image Credit: The Neo-Traditionalist

Image Credit: Lucite Interiors

A gorgeous zebra print rug suits this elegant interior. Image Credit: This Is Glamorous

Get the look:

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Above: 1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. / 7. / 8.

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