Spring update and our first magazine feature on our home!

It’s been a whirlwind few months – and not all good, unfortunately. But let’s start with the good bits, shall we?

A weekend exploring Bath, punting in Cambridge, cycling in Marbella and surfing in Cornwall, and making the most of London too – trying out the new Samarkand and Tamarind Kitchen restaurants, taking a food photography class in Borough Market (they’re free to the public every Thursday in May!) and meeting the pigs at The Pig Hotel in The New Forest – plus accessorising my brand new coffee table (thanks Nectar!) with some DIY gold legs and a DIY bunny vase. I even got to spend some time with my family in Amsterdam and The Hague at Easter. Meanwhile, this little blog has featured in Your Home magazine (check out the four page home spread below!), Ideal Home (plus a little Instagram takeover), Wayfair (my Palm Springs moodboards also got featured), Habitat, LuxPad, and is due to feature on Homewings, Stylenest and Sweetpea & Willow soon, plus Style at Home magazines in September and October!

But as I’m sure you’ll agree, life is about both the ups and the downs, and life isn’t always rosy. People often compare life to juggling – and that it’s hard to keep all balls in the air at the same time. For some friends, they have a great friendship group and career, but struggle to find love. For others, they’re blissfully loved up but end up losing friendships over it. Luckily for me, I’ve had the best support from both friends and my boyfriend, but the rest of my life can often feel a bit of a mess! To start, I spent most of February and March making job applications and going for job interviews, wanting to finally find something permanent (one of my main resolutions for this year). It was basically a full-time job in itself! I was shortlisted for eight different positions, and made it through to the final rounds of interviews – which was a feat in itself as the magazines I was interviewing with had asked me for SEO strategies, growth strategies, social media strategies, content strategies, lists of feature ideas (including summary for each and SEO titles and keywords) plus full length features in their tone of voice, just to get through to the interviewing stages! By the end of the process I was exhausted, and felt defeated. On each occasion I lost out to someone with more relevant experience, or who was already working for the company but in a more junior position. It felt like a waste of two months, and really knocked my confidence.

Meanwhile I was fostering two additional stray dogs, which at first I thought would be a lovely distraction but turned into an absolute nightmare!! They were both very nervous, peed everywhere and on everything, malted everywhere (I had to vacuum clean twice a day just to stay sane), they would whine constantly in the house, and as soon as I let them in the garden they would bark to the point that we started getting complaints from the neighbours. Even walking them was chaos. One day, one of the dogs ran off into the bramble bushes so I had to climb in to try and find him. Not only was he nowhere to be found, but I ended up getting stuck in the bush, my hair all knotted and tangled up in the branches, so I had to call Jonathan to come and rescue me with a pair of scissors! That was also the moment I received another rejection phonecall. Admittedly not a good day.

A final blow was that after we received a great offer on our house (it’s been for sale since November), and had our offer accepted on our dream home, the whole thing fell through when our buyers had their mortgages denied at the last minute. By this point we already had surveyors and solicitors involved, and I had put together countless mood boards and wasted hours – possibly days – on Pinterest.

Aaahhhhh!! I’m hoping things will look up soon.

On the bright side, as I’ve not been getting very far with my applications in magazine journalism, I’ve had more time to explore my biggest passion: interiors. I’m reaching a bit of a cross-roads now; do I pick myself up and carry on with freelance journalism, or do I do a U-turn and take an interior design course to qualify as an interior designer? Answers on a postcard.


  • gina says:

    thank you for being so open, rare to hear bloggers being real about how hard life can be!

  • Andrea Bici says:

    Thank you for being so honest. Stay positive re: jobs. Just like your wonderful boyfriend, it just takes one. Dare I ask, can you do both interior design school AND the blog? Perhaps get a an eager like minded student of social media as an intern, so you can mentor someone and she can design then you approve? ❌⭕️❌⭕️

  • Abidemi says:

    I second Andrea. Can’t you do both: the course and freelancing? I’ve done it myself, so I know it’s possible. Tiring, but possible.

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