A week at Villa Petroio

I was first introduced to Tuscany Now And More by my boyfriend four and a half years ago. It was all incredibly romantic, I had only met him a few weeks before in a pub in London (we got chatting completely by chance, and had no friends in common), and after a few dates he mentioned that he had booked a villa holiday in Tuscany with his friends and asked whether I might like to join them. It felt exciting and spontaneous, and a little bit crazy, but I said yes and that first night we swam in the pool under the stars and he asked me to be his girlfriend. Fast forward four years and we’re engaged with a baby, a dog and a house! Goes to show that you just never know who you might meet, and where or how you might meet them!

Anyway, safe to say that Tuscany has held a romantic place in my heart ever since. I’m clearly not the only one with a soft spot for the area as my  dad books a villa with them almost every summer, and also booked the same villa company for his wedding in Tuscany this year! 

But this particular villa holiday blew everything else out of the water. 

The wedding was of course perfection; they got married in between the vines in the vineyard, with a long dinner table laid out for all the guests with views over the Tuscan hills – catch a glimpse of it here.

But we weren’t just there for the wedding, we were lucky enough to be there for the whole week. In fact, all the guests were!

Villa Patroio was able to host a large part of the family in the main house, but on the estate were several other villas and cottages dotted around which meant that both families and even every single invited guest could stay in the area and come up to the main house every day for meals and socialising.

This meant that the two families got to spend a whole week getting to know each other over card games by the pool, and both groups of friends mingled by the fire in the evenings.

So by the time it was the wedding day, it already felt like it was just one big family, and one big group of friends.

Having a whole week together also meant that my dad got to relax and enjoy spending time with his family, including some one-on-one time with his grandson!

The main property manager helped with everything from arranging chefs in the evening and a make-your-own pizza night, to finding last-minute babysitters so I could get to join in for some of the evening fun too.

The property manager had arranged a cot in our room for Huxley, and a high chair in the main dining areas, making travel with a baby a doddle.

And on the day of the wedding, the babysitter watched over Huxley so I could get on with doing the table setting.

We spent the week exploring the vineyard or playing games at the table, and in the evenings we’d wrap up by the fire.

We made the most of the pool too!

Can you think of a more perfect setting for a summer holiday?

If only we could have taken the babysitter back with us! Never a dull moment with a little one in tow.