The best affordable art for your gallery wall ?

A quick, easy and fun way to update your home is by mixing up your wall art (or try some of these stunning and unusual wall decorating ideas), but it can be hard to find the right art prints or photos to suit your style – especially on a budget! I’ve scoured all over the internet and have found a selection of affordable art prints and photographs. From original artworks from £5.55original art that brings the summer indoors and Gray Malin style aerial beach photography, to monochrome statement pieces, original abstract paintings under £100, and art to suit every taste and budget.

Gallery walls can look gorgeous if they are laid out properly, and are cohesive and organised, but I particularly love the idea of creating a gallery wall going up the stairs, so as to let the rest of the walls in the house be calmer and less busy.


For a colourful scheme like this one above, here are my top ten bright and cheerful (and affordable!) abstract art prints:


1. Jaime Derringer painting, £32

2. Fi Douglas of bluebellgray – Luskentyre Framed Print on Canvas, £150

3. Joseph Mallord William Turner print, from £50

4. Mark Rothko, 1967, £23

5. Henri Matisse – Open Window, £98

6. Mark Rothko – White Cloud Over Purple, £54

7. Lucy Willis – Syros Steps, from £50

8. Claude Monet – Antibes, 1888, from £50

9. Mark Rothko – No 13, £45

10. Renee Stramel – Indigo Meditation, £16

For a more neutral and sophisticated look, you could opt to mix and match black and white photography or Picasso and Matisse sketches like the below:

To recreate this look, here are 11 similar art pieces that could work well in a gallery wall:


1. Henri Matisse – Pasiphae, £110

2. Pablo Picasso – Femme, £10

3. Pablo Picasso – Le Visage De La Paix, £110

4. Henri Matisse – Le Platane, £27

5. Pablo Picasso – Dove of Peace, £32

6. Pablo Picasso – Le Chien, £70

7. Henri Matisse sketch, £10

8. Pablo Picasso – L’Autruche Framed Print, £70

9. Picasso ‘Dove of Peace’ Framed Print, £170

10. Pablo Picasso – Le Cheval, Framed Print, £70

11. Pablo Picasso – Head, Framed Print, £170

I also love the below gallery wall featuring only black and white photography, in different shapes and sizes but perfectly put together:

Source: A Burst of Beautiful

I’ve rounded up some of my favourite classic black & white photography which could work well together on a gallery wall:Slide1

Top row, left to right

1. Mario Testino – Kate Moss, £56

2. Vogue – May, 1952, £20

3. Vogue – July 1962, £125

Bottom row, left to right:

1. GQ – November, 1973, £92

2. Models sunbathing, £52

3. Helmut Newton – Big Nude, £109

And five more! I particularly love the Ruth Orkin one – we have a large version of it at home and I never get bored of it!

Top row, left to right:

1. Ruth Orkin “American Girl in Italy”, 90 x 60cm, £17

2. Oxford University Rowers Framed Print, 50 x 57cm, £165

Bottom row, left to right:

1. John F Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy, June 26, 1953, £20

2. Sophia Loren laughing, £96

3. Vintage photo of John F Kennedy sailing aboard his yacht, £31

Or why not mix and match?


Source: Little Green Notebook


The Gallery Wall in the Paul Smith store in Melbourne

I must say, as much as I love classic black and white photography, gallery walls, and even mixing and matching different styles, you really can’t go wrong with a large and simple bright, colourful and iconic photograph – they don’t really need a gallery wall as they are just so striking on their own, such as the below photo by Kara Rosenlund, or the iconic Slim Aarons photos.


Here are a few fun photos that I’ve found that could add a pop of colour and some glamour and pazazz to a room – bold photography like this could work on a gallery wall or just on their own:


Top row, left to right:

1. Up The Stairs by Alex Cayley, £50 (I’m tempted to get this one for up my own stairs!)

2. Liz Hurley by the pool, by Mario Testino, £24

3. Large Kate Moss poster, £10

Bottom row, left to right:

1. Vogue – January 1968, £100

2. Vogue – April 1999 – Poolside Strut by Arthur Elgort, £125

I also love the iconic photography by Slim Aarons. Each of the below Slim Aarons prints is available here for just £70 each. I simply adore them! Slide2

Top row, left to right:

1. Poolside in Sotogrande by Slim Aarons, £70

2. Lake Tahoe Ladies by Slim Aarons, £70

3. Tennis in the Bahamas by Slim Aarons, £70

Bottom row, left to right:

1. Speedboat landing by Slim Aarons, £70

2. Catherine Wilke by Slim Aarons, £70

3. Exuma Holiday by Slim Aarons, £70

And of course the Poolside Gossip one is just iconic:

Top row, left to right:

1. Poolside Gossip by Slim Aarons, £70

2. Desert House Party by Slim Aarons, £70

Bottom row, left to right:

1. The High Life by Slim Aarons, £70

2. Nice Pool by Slim Aarons, £70

Now to decide which ones to buy for myself! Which are your favourites? xo