Coat room before and after

Our new house in Wimbledon posed one main problem; when you walked in you entered immediately into the living room, with no hallway or separation, and therefore also nowhere to hang your coat or keep your boots! The dream is of course to one day have a ‘boot room’ or ‘mud room’, but this is London, folks.

So instead we decided to do the opposite of what most home-owners do, and we put up a new wall to separate the spaces.

No going back now!

After building a framework, the builders boarded it up and plastered over it.

It took less than a day!

They left us with a blank canvas so we could then put in shelves for shoes and rails for coats, plus a little bench with cubby holes for boxes or baskets (perfect for things like hats, scarves, gloves, dog leads and baby gear).

On the hunt for the perfect baskets for under the bench, I stumbled across the Nordic Style in Wimbledon Village and they had both the perfect boxes and the perfect mirror!

I snapped them both up in the sale and they’re the perfect fit!