DIY Birth Announcement Cards

For Huxley’s birth announcement cards I wanted to do something a little special and couldn’t find a design I liked enough online.

He was only a few weeks old and up so often in the night that I wasn’t getting much sleep anyway, so one evening in between feeds I took out my paints and paint brushes – just one of those cheap sets you get as a child, a flat palette with circles of colour you rub water into. I wasn’t really sure how the card would end up which took the pressure off, so I just had fun with it!

I painted a bird first (I had to Google what a stork looks like), then penciled lettering over the top which I then filled in with paint. I’m no calligraphy artist! Then I just added some greenery around the outside until I ran out of steam.

The next morning I took it to my nearest KallKwik (photo printing service), and interestingly the image didn’t work at all when using the scanner. The best way to retain the full colour was to take a picture of the card and send it in via email for them to then print out.

We ordered some plain, more classical looking announcement cards too as we couldn’t decide between the two styles, so ended up sending everyone one of each!