Easy Calligraphy Place Name Cards

This summer my father got married at the stunning Villa Petroio estate in Tuscany. His wife-to-be loved the birth announcement cards I had painted so asked me whether I could make their menus and place setting cards.

Now I should mention that I’ve never actually done calligraphy before, and don’t even own a calligraphy pen, and my personal handwriting is pretty terrible!

But I’ve found it’s pretty easy to fake it instead. Googling Calligraphy alphabet letters online and with a few examples open, I just draw out the outlines of the letters instead:

Then colour it in:

Stuck for time, I did the outline of the words on the menu cards (painting very simple Cyprus trees as the only decoration), so I could fill in the letters while on the plane or on holiday.

They didn’t take me long to make at all, and I’m pretty pleased with the results!

Of course it helped that the setting was pretty spectacular too…