Halloween in The Boltons

If you love the tradition of Halloween but don’t know where to celebrate it in London, then The Boltons is your answer!

I hadn’t heard of Halloween in The Boltons until I moved there nearly ten years ago. Every house goes all-out with their Halloween decorating.

I remember some of the bigger houses had smoke machines outside, uplighter to add to the eery vibe, bloody handprints in the windows, dolls hung from the rooftops and butlers handing out sweets by the entrance, dressed as Frankenstein. 

We joined in for a few years, but no matter how many sweets I’d buy (boxes and boxes worth!), we’d always run out within the first couple of hours!

Every year it seems to get even bigger and busier.

Even if you don’t have kids, it’s super fun to just walk around and people watch, seeing all the fancy dress costumes and the houses that have been decorated to the nines.

And if you do have kids? Make sure to bring a bucket!

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