How to Hygge

Hygge has been a huge trend this year. So much so, that the Oxford Dictionary has even shortlisted it as one of their ‘Words of the Year’ for 2016! Hygge is everywhere you look; Hygge this, Hygge that. Books on Hygge. Blogs on Hygge. Articles on Hygge. Hygge Christmas presents. Hygge press releases. I’ve received so many bloody press releases on Hygge I should really be an expert on this by now, but the truth is that I’ve only just started embracing it. So, what the hell is Hygge, why should we care, and more importantly, HOW can we Hygge, you ask?

Right. Well. Put simply, ‘Hygge’ is just the Danish word for cosiness, snugness, or a a warm and fuzzy feeling. More accurately, it’s the Danish philosophy of enjoying life’s simple pleasures, unwinding, and “the absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming; taking pleasure from the presence of gentle, soothing things” (stolen from one of the many press releases). And don’t call it ‘hig-ge’ or people will look at you like you know nothing. It’s pronounced “hue-gah” (think Eddy from Ab Fab; “whoo-gaaaaa, it’s who-gaaaaah darling”).

The reason you see the word everywhere, is because what better time to feel all warm, snug and cosy than at Christmas time? Now, and during cold, wet and dark January and February is the perfect time to pull out all the Hygge stops. Think log fires, candle light, twinkling fairy lights, sheepskin rugs, hot water bottles, blankets, soft greys, creams and earthy colours, and an endless supply of mulled wine and hot chocolates. Now, that doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

So I thought I’d give it a go. And what better way to indulge your home with snug and cosy things than with luxury homeware from AMARA? I treated my home to a super soft and fluffy Tibetan sheepskin rug (sometimes on my chair in my office, sometimes on the sofa or in the bedroom, and most recently it’s been living on our DIY dining bench in the living room), a pretty tealight holder for on the mantelpiece, a super cosy hot water bottle for wet and miserable winter days, and the most indulgently soft pair of socks I’ve ever owned (they would also make a lovely Christmas present, hint-hint).

Now, on any cold grey day that I’m working from home, I’ll settle into my sheepskin rug on my chair, wearing fluffy socks and pjs, fireplace on, candles lit, with a hot water bottle on my lap, dog by my side, and a sneaky caraffe of mulled wine next to me (shhh…) to power me through my backlog of deadlines. Unsurprisingly, it’s a pretty heavenly set-up. I could get used to this Hygge thing.