3 simple ways to decorate a gorgeous Paskris Easter tree

With three major Scandi interiors trends finding their way into our homes last year (Hygge, Lagom, and of course chic minimalism), it’s time to embrace the Scandi Påskris Easter tree tradition.

The Easter tree tradition is centuries old and actually originated from Germany, where people would decorate the branches of outdoor trees and bushes with eggs, to celebrate new life and usher in the spring. Over time they started cutting branches and decorating them to display them indoors, as a way to celebrate the start of spring and Easter.

The Scandinavians amped things up a little with their ‘Påskris’ tree, adding colourful feathers, baubles and eggs, and some people even hang little chickens (not real ones), to wipe away the winter. The twigs and branches represent a broom and the feathers get caught in the broom as we sweep. I, for one, am so done with winter and can’t wait for the spring to be here in full swing!

Ready to wipe away the winter and lure in the spring? Here are three different styles of Easter tree that are fun and easy to do, and will brighten up your home!

1. Blossom tree

Already the blossom tree in our garden is in full bloom and the daffodils and tulips have started to peek through! The blossom smells so amazing, I wanted to bring some indoors to fill the kitchen with its honey smell.

Once you’ve got a few long branches to fill your pot or vase, you can start decorating! I’ve found that the prettiest way to decorate these branches is by keeping it simple and sticking to pastel eggs or pretty ribbons, as you still want to be able to see the blossom! I found some lovely pastel ones from Tiger that worked perfectly.

2. The traditional Easter tree

I found some traditional Easter branches for sale in the HEMA in Kingston and couldn’t resist! Of course you could easily pick / snip your own from a tree or bush, but these ones are nice and light, and the twists and turns come in handy when you’re trying to hang your Easter baubles!

I had lots of Easter egg decorations knocking around from previous years, but topped up my collection with a nice little selection from Tiger.

For a traditional take on the Easter tree, keep it simple with pastel hued egg decorations, and possibly some pretty ribbons hung from different lengths.

3. Påskris Easter tree

And now for the grand finale! If you’re feeling bold and brave, pick up some bright feathers from your nearest Tiger, and some Sellotape, and give your Easter tree some wow-factor!

The easiest way to go about it is to sit down and have the vase of twigs on the floor between your legs, so you can easily reach all of the ends. Then place some feathers along the Sellotape, a thumb’s distance apart, so you can easily snip them off one by one.

Once you’ve got a feather stuck to the Sellotape, place the feather against a twig and wrap the Sellotape around it tight to secure it in place. Keep repeating this until you run out of feathers (or energy!)

To speed up the process a little, try sticking a cluster of different coloured feathers at a time.

When you’re finished, your Easter tree should look a bit like this!

But don’t stop there – now that your base is done, add in your Easter baubles, eggs, and even Easter chicks. Go nuts. The sky is the limit!